Welcome to the 2018/2019 Chorus Annual Report

At Chorus, we roll up our sleeves and support people to live the life they choose in their own home. With humility and a smile.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. Coming together to dance or paint, being supported to find a home or job, having a meal or learning how to cook one, or enjoying a beautiful and safe garden.

Please enjoy this collection of stories from the Chorus community.


When people connect with their community, everyone benefits. Watch our Chorus Brand video 2019 to find more about the Chorus approach to community service.


Message from the Chair and CEO

Chorus was founded on the principle that people live their best lives in supportive, connected communities. Our “fresh approach” is to put the community back in community services, thus demonstrating that principle in practical and compassionate ways.

2018/19 has been a year of consolidating Chorus into a single, unified entity while simultaneously adapting to the changing business environment. This two-fold focus is immensely challenging work; however we continue to be inspired by the impact we have on people’s lives every day.

Our performance throughout this period of change has been sound. We have made significant strides in establishing a culture where people keep themselves and each other safe. Our most recent survey showed a significant increase in the proportion of Chorus people who are happy and engaged at work. In the vast majority of cases, customers love the support we provide. Financial performance was in line with budget, though the funding environment gets tighter every year.
More broadly, we have increased our capacity to consistently offer great support, to be a fantastic place to work, and to adapt to opportunities and issues as they arise. This is highlighted by the recently-completed Unifying Chorus project, through which we integrated our operations onto one IT platform; a huge effort, but outstanding achievement and essential stepping stone.

Other notable achievements this year include:

  • Merger with the Albany Senior Citizens Centre
  • Ongoing growth in consumer-directed services
  • Harmonisation of employment contracts across Chorus
  • Contribution to the WA Government’s Sustainable Health Review and Supporting Communities Forum

In parallel with the immediate focus on consolidation – building “Chorus 1.0” – we have taken concrete steps towards Chorus 2.0. This future version of Chorus will consistently demonstrate the fresh approach by working with people to:

  • Connect with their neighbourhoods and communities
  • Maintain or establish authentic relationships;
  • Find purpose and meaning in their lives; and
  • Build a sense of belonging, to a place and a group of like-minded people.

At our best, we already do this. We recognise that demonstrating the fresh approach at scale requires a significant change in terms of culture, methods, networking and funding flexibility. We have started experimenting with new ways of working, for example in the Out and About trial (in partnership with the WA Primary Health Alliance) and the Fresh Approach program (supported by Lotterywest)

It takes a very special team of people to simultaneously run a business while nurturing the creation of a future organisation. We thank all members of the Chorus community – customers, volunteers, staff, management and directors – who have played their part in responding to this opportunity. We believe the foundation we have laid this year will enable us to build an even stronger Chorus.

Dr Moira Watson (Chair) and Dan Minchin (CEO)


Click play below to watch Dan Minchin’s Annual Report message.

Customer Compliments

“A big thank you to Deb and Nurse Cheryl for coming into my home and making me feel like a complete person again. You have given me the services I need. Now I know I will get my independence back. Thank you for making it all possible for me. You are not Chorus! You’re the whole song to me.”
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chorus for your kind assistance. A very heartfelt thank you to the receptionists, bookings staff and drivers."
“Support Worker Joy is like a fairy godmother who works like a whirlwind and is a good remedy for my wellbeing. Makes me feel the best I have felt in a very long time.”
“Thanks again for a great job. You are quite exceptional with what you do, it is much appreciated.”
“ I found the gardeners very friendly and helpful. They got on with the gardening straight away and did not mess about.”
“I would just like to say how very happy I am with all your friendly help, a lovely group of helpers. Very much appreciated.”
“Transport Driver Gary is a very competent and smooth driver. It was a long journey and he was a fantastic driver. My appointment ran late and Gary was very gracious and patient and waited for me even though he would get back to the depot late.”
“Mum was apprehensive at first about getting the meals but has found them tasty. They have changed our lives and reduced so much stress for us.”
“Many thanks for the job done on my garden. I was in hospital at the time, so my son had to supervise. You did a great job, and my neighbour was impressed with the workers.”
"Jeff Baker from Chorus changed my life. He helped me perfect and record an original Christmas song, which I have been wanting to do for well over 20 years. Thank you, Jeff, and thank you Chorus for giving me the opportunity to realise a long-time dream. I’m very grateful."
"A massive thank you to Alex from Wanneroo who completed the gardening, such a wonderful young man. Both Alex and Adam did such a magnificent job, massive thank you from the bottom of my heart."
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