Chorus 2019 Annual Report

Living with Mental Health

Mental Health Podcasts

"If I spend too much energy in a day, I will be in bed for the next two days. It's not normal. I don't have a social life,”

Jessica, Chorus Voices Loneliness podcast

“To make yourself open and vulnerable, and then to recognise people are kind and they're human - there was something really powerful for me in that.”

Emma, Chorus Voices Loneliness podcast

My child would say: “Don't speak to me. I don't want anyone to know that we're English. And don't speak to me in French, because your French is so bad.”

Jane, Chorus Voices Loneliness podcast

Mental Health Week

Chorus took part in community events during Mental Health Week, including a Mad Hatter Tea Party in Albany, the Bunbury Mental Health Expo, a barbecue for World Mental Health Day in Fremantle and Wellness Wednesday Expo in Peel. 

We provided ‘brain food’ and inspirational quotes at the Mental Health Expo.

Colour with Chorus

As part of Mental Health Week 2018, we created a uniquely Australian colouring book to help customers get into a meditative state, reduce stress and anxiety, let go of negative thoughts, work on their mindfulness and focus on the present. Colouring has many benefits and allows people to tap into their creative side whilst switching off from technology. Click here to download a copy of ‘Colour with Chorus’.

Sunshine & smiles at Neighbour Day

Chorus and the residents of Medina joined forces at Neighbour Day with activities including drumming, rock painting, face painting, ping pong and basketball. We also enjoyed healthy food and massages.

Art therapy

Chorus was on the Mandurah foreshore for Wellness Wednesday to talk about how we help support people on their mental health recovery journey, including through art.

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